Guess whose back…

After nearly 5 years of not being active on this blog, Harada has returned! It was always my intention to start it up again but I have been spurred on with the need for a project in COVID-19 lockdown and because 27th April 2020 is the start of my new fitness regime.

You may be wondering, what has Isobel been upto over the years? What has changed? Is she alive? so here is a quick update:

•I am now Isobel Harada MBA BSc (Hons).  From October 2015 until October 2018 my focus was studying part-time for an MBA at the Open University.  After 21 TMAs (tutor marked assignments), 3 exams and 3 residential visits, I graduated in March 2020.  At a cost of £500 per month and terms of 49 weeks per year, I had little time nor finances to go on holiday.   I am very glad I completed it and rewarded myself with a month long vacation to Australia.
•I have jumped out of a plane and free falled for a whole minute.  This is probably the most spontaneous decision I have ever made in my life.
•I have pierced my ears another 3 times, bringing my total to 7.
•I re-learnt to drive. I now own a car and have even driven abroad. 
•I re-discovered the joy of taking photos on film.  In 2019 I purchased an Olympus Tripp 35 and a Polaroid Sun 635.  Looking at photos is still one of my most favourite things.
•I discovered Disney Bounding and braved theme park rides.  
•I fell in love with Parkrun.  I have ran 65 times in 3 years, volunteered 13 times and tried 10 different courses.  My PB is 24:31.

All these things have given me a lot of joy, but the time hasn’t been without some great sadness.  My very loved Aunty Lou died in May 2018 and then my Dad died in February 2019.   Both of them were my cheer squad, encouraging me to focus on myself, to live my life, whilst always celebrating each of my little successes.   I have had my heart broken before and I thought that was sad and difficult to overcome, but it was nothing in comparison to loosing them.  It does get easier over time, but I still think about my dad most days, and sometimes just out of the blue some tears may roll down my cheeks.

There are also things that haven’t changed.  I live in the same house and I’ve only decorated one additional room in my house and that was my study back in October 2015.  I have started to plan changes but they are currently on hold with the COVID-19 situation.  I haven’t got married and I haven’t had children, I would have liked to, but I just haven’t met anyone that’s right for me.  

Anyway! Enough about the past.  Onto the future and my new fitness regime!  On 13th September 2020 I will be running the Great North Run (fingers crossed its still on) for British Heart Foundation in memory of my dad (  Running as part of a charity gives you access to a whole host of support, such as a personal plan from Debbie at full potential.  It is based on my current 5K time, my 2 h completion goal and other commitments.  I have been looking forward to its start because I think it will give me structure, goals and a focus.  Each week I have 4 running activities, 1 clubberacise class and stretching and conditioning.  I am intrigued to see if all this extra fitness will have an impact on my body, so I have taken some stats and photos.

Look out for more updates!!

Weight: 10 st 6.5 lbs. Percentage body fat: 15.7% (not sure I trust my scales on this). Hips circumference : 89 cm. Tummy (belly button height) circumference : 87 cm. Waist circumference : 78 cm. Thighs: R: 61 cm, L 60.5 cm. Calves: R: 37.5 cm, L 38 cm

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  1. Simone Pelger says:

    Welcome back Izzy! Always loved reading your blogs. Can’t wait for the next instalment!

    1. isobelharada says:

      Thank you Sim! feel free to recommend some stuff to write about!

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