Aunty Lou’s Birthday Bus Cushion


It is hard to believe that Aunty Lou was born 80 years ago, 400 years to the day that Queen Elizabeth I was born (I know this because Aunty Lou mentions it every birthday).   To celebrate the occasion the Harada’s travelled from our various UK location to congregate with the Cousin Smith’s at Aunty Lou’s.

I am glad we Harada’s all made the journey, it felt like when we used to visit for a week every summer holiday.  It is on these trips that:

  • I had my first Macdonalds; only because my little brother hated the smell of China town and Aunty Lou assumed we loved it.
  • We saw our first Musical; Cats, which we loved so much we listened and sang to the tape on every car journey.
  • Found the most amazing rope swing on a random beach and all had a go.  Mum thinks we should go back and find it, I am not convinced she would get on it again!


  • Started the Harada height order line up.  Which over the years has shown the progression of my brother being the smallest to now being the tallest Harada.

photo (1)IMG_5440

The problem was though, what do you get somebody who means so much to you but doesn’t want anything!   I toiled with the idea of a cineworld pass because she does love the cinema.  In fact the other month she had just been to see Elysium, a film that did not immediately scream Aunty Lou in my mind, but she enjoyed it all the same and I am proud that she bucks the trend.   But this to me didn’t seem a very personal gift.

As previously mentioned she loves the Number 38 London Bus as she can catch it from Victoria and it takes her to all her hangs out, The RA and Piccadilly Waterstones to name a few!   We always laugh when she mentions the number 38 and therefore I decided to put it on to a cushion.  I used the same material and method as Simone’s birthday cushion, although I did additionally buy Dylon fabric pens to draw the outline of the bus.

It now has pride of place on her sofa and no-one is allowed to sit or rest their head on it!  Happy Birthday Aunty Lou, sending you Lots of Love xxx

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  1. Louise Smith says:

    Hi Isobel, just opened your fantastic work of art – ‘birthday bus cushion’ what a splendidly talented and much loved young niece I have ! Your recalled memories of past and happy holiday times , I must confess, brought a little wetness to my eyes !!!. Soppy me . Both the cushion and this have given me infinite pleasure . I will always treasure them and you. .

    With much love from your Aunty Lou

    PS will try to phone you this evening XX


  2. Richard Harada says:

    What a lovely sister I have got so proud of her collection. Love you dearly

  3. Richard Harada says:

    Looking forward to my gift

    1. isobelharada says:

      You’re not so bad yourself Big nose! I’ll have a think of things that make me think of you, let me know if you need any soft furnishings! Love you too xx

  4. Louise Joan Flynn says:

    My sister Irene looked up Arthur Harada on the Internet and found your lovely story of Auntie Lou’s bus cushions, enjoyed reading it. Going back over the years your father and aunty Lou’s mother was my godmother, I called her Auntie Millie, I can remember your dad and his sister, my name is Joan Flynn ( nee Gow) Regards from my family to yours. Joan Flynn.

    1. isobelharada says:

      Hi Joan,

      Thank you for your best wishes and I am glad you enjoyed reading the post. I have passed the message onto my Dad and Aunty Lou!

      Kind Regards,


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