2014 Harada: The Hopeful Home Owner

Each year as I reach December, I am excited for the new year.  I like the feeling that I have a fresh new start and a chance to change my direction.

This year my three main resolutions were to:

1. Buy my own home

2. Improve my oral hygiene

3. Drink more water.

So far on quest number 1, I have found a house, had my offer accepted, my mortgage finalised and I am now awaiting the writing of the contracts and the all important move in date.  Written down it doesn’t seem like I have achieved much, but in reality it feels like it’s zapped most of my energy and tested my nerves.  I am constantly thinking of the end game; namely that everything will belong to me and I will get to decorate and furnish it to be heart’s desire.

The house is a 3 bed end of terrace.  I look at it and to be frank it doesn’t scream Harada.  What I thought I wanted was a detached white cottage, with a central door, 4 windows at the front, a chimney, black railings and a red bicycle parked outside.  But through searching Rightmove and visiting properties that kind of house wouldn’t be practical or plausible.  My search criteria was:

Location: Letchworth with close proximity to the train station

Type: House, Freehold

Internal requirements: 2 double bedrooms, a separate kitchen to lounge and somewhere to put a dining table.

The house ticks all my boxes which makes me feel lucky (or I could be easy to please I guess!).

It is hard to not get too excited, I try to kerb it because until the completion date it isn’t really mine.  What makes it even harder is that my friend Mike has just bought himself a brand new beautiful coach house.  We have spent many an hour discussing the pains of solicitors, survey results and insurance but also the joys of kitchen electricals, blinds and sofas whilst browsing around John Lewis, Homebase and Selfridges.  The best thing though is seeing him reach the end and how much joy it has given him.  Fingers crossed mine all works out!

With regards to my oral hygiene resolution I now own an electric toothbrush, a dental kit and I floss and mouthwash daily.  I did attempt to increase my water intake by filling a 750 mL glass bottle with water  and aiming to drink it all by the end of the day.  I think this lasted 2 days it really had to stop, going to the toilet every hour was excessive.

Are my resolution impossible? Probably not.  But they have focused by mind and I am determined to fulfill my dreams.

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