The First Post: The start of a life ambition

To start my own blog has been on my life’s list of things to do for the last couple of years.

In recognition of a new drug approval at work, we were given the gift of time to symbolise the fact that a medicine creates extra time for a patient to spend  with their family or to do things they love.  This blog is what I have used my time to create.

My blog will focus of soft furnishings.  Namely things I have made for my own home and for friends/family or things I have spotted that I like.  I hope in the not to distant future to buy my first home, in which the re-decoration will be archived in this blog.

I have named my blog quite simply with my own name.  Firstly, because  I like my name; its different and  to me seems perfectly balanced with 6 letters in each part.  Secondly, many recognised high street brands use a name, for example, Cath Kidston, John Lewis etc.  Perhaps their success will rub off on me.

What does sucess look like?  (A question favoured by my boss).  The eventual aim is to own my own shop selling soft furnishings and items for the home.  As a child each Saturday (or so it seemed) my mother would takes us to the Chester branch of Laura Ashley on the WaterGate Street row.  It was laid out as a house, the ground floor consisting of a dining room and living room,  as you walked through you approached a staircase with a wooden banister to the first floor and the location of the master and children’s bedrooms.  As the season/fashions changed so would the decor.  This layout was as a child and still is as an adult the greatest I have every found.  I hope one day I can rival it.

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