Lavender Lodge Bunting

Last year my mother had a shed custom built for her garden.  It is small but sweet and at 5 ft 2 in tall, Mum is the only Harada able to stand upright inside.  She has lovingly painted the outside sea green,  made flowery curtains for the window and named it “Lavender Lodge”.

Mum's little outpost
Mum’s little outpost

I think mainly because of the colour it reminds me of a beach hut  I decided to make her some bunting to accessorize the  inside.

The fabrics selected for this project fell into two categories,  pastel in colour or striped.  All were leftovers from previous projects.   The letters were made out of felt, which in my mind seemed perfect  as it doesn’t fray once cut.

In all aspects of life I like neatness.  And bunting is no different.  I decided that an equilateral triangle with a side length of 10 cm was the perfect size.   Using Pythagoras’ theorem of a^2 + b^2 = c^2   I drew a perfect equilateral triangle stencil onto paper,  I added a border of 1 cm.

Equilateral triangle of 10 cm each side.  With a border of 1 cm.

Using the stencil I drew in total 19 triangles on the various pieces of fabric and on the felt I wrote Lavender Lodge using a biro.   I also drew 19 triangles onto a plain cream fabric, this was to provide a backing for each piece and limits the amount of pattern fabric required.  All of this was then cut out.

Triangles and letters

The letters were then pinned onto the triangles.  I did not chose a random order of triangles but created a mirror image around the central letter of each word.  To sew on the letters I  used a zig zag stitch with a short stitch length.

Pinned on letterSewn on letterTriangles complete with letters

Next I pinned the face fabric of each patterned triangle to the face fabric of the cream fabric.  On the left and right sides of the triangle at a distance of 1 cm from the edge I joined the fabric together using a running stitch.  The seams on each triangle were then pressed open.  Each pouch was then turned the right way out and pressed again.

Sewing the back using the 1 cm borderFinished triangles

Bias binding of 1/2 inch width was then ironed in half.  Between the folded bias binding the  triangle pouch were inserted and pinned.  The distance between each triangle was 5 cm.

Bias bindingPinning the binding

Finally, I stitched along the length of the bias binding using a simple running stitch.  For display in Lavender Lodge the bunting was simply hung over drawing pins.

Bunting hung inside Lavender Lodge

I spent two evenings after work completing this project.  Bunting is a simple way to accessorize a room or even a garden as any  colour/pattern/texture of fabric can be used.  Go ahead give it a go!

Materials used: Patterned fabric, Plain fabric, felt, white thread, bias binding.

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  1. Emma says:

    Did your mother like the bunting? Such a lovely personalised gift. Really enjoying your blog. X

    1. isobelharada says:

      Thank you Em! Yep she liked it. There was loads of bunting on display today at the Sherbourne Country Fair

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