The new home accessories.

This week has seen an influx of new accessories into my home.  Whilst I do like making things myself, unfortunately even I have to admit I  can’t make everything.  Or at least not yet!

The first 2 items I bought myself and can be categorised as under the kitchen sink  accessories. They are a :

Laundry powder box in steel from Achica for £10.50.  This was more of a spur of the moment browsing purchase in that everyday I check out  and this just caught my eye.   It is practical and looks far better than a cardboard box and keeps the laundry powder dry.

Laundry power box

Housekeepers box from TXMaxx for £14.99.  I had been looking for one of these for quite a while as whenever I go looking for a cleaning product its always seems to be at the back of the cupboard and causes all the other bottles to fall over.  I had previously seen them online at a cost of approximately £30, which to me seemed to be too extravagant.   However patience paid off and I spotted this one on a mooch around the TXMaxx  home section.    It has a tray that slots in the top where I have stored all my cloths and shoe polishing kit whilst in the box I have stored all the bottles.  It’s lovely to open the cupboard and see everything looking neat and in beautiful storage!

Housekeepers Box

Within the last week I have visited both my parents and brother and received gifts from each.  My mother bought me a miniature butter dish.  Before I received it, I didn’t think i needed it my life, but now I have it, I am loving it!  When I lived with my parents we always had a butter dish that seemingly floated around the kitchen to various locations.   Since living on my own I admit I moved to the convenience of spreadable butter, but that shall be a think of the past.  The dish is the perfect size for a knob of butter for my toast in the morning or after work crumpets.


From my brother I received three gifts, simply because he enjoys buying gifts.

Number 1: A Heart Shaped Mirror An ideal gift for my flat as I do seem to have a lack of mirrors!  I do need to work out how to hang it, as the joys of renting mean that I can’t go drilling holes to hang things.  I plan to buy an over the door hook and hang it on the back of the main bathroom door using ribbon.

Heart Shaped Mirror

Number 2: Summer Time Mug from Paperchase.  None of my mugs are matching so it fits in perfectly!  I think it will be the ideal mug for a visiting Aunt or friend.  Strangely in my mind, mugs are matched to people, for instance my mum has to have the Jane Eyre mug as she hates drinking from a chunky cup and this one is delicate looking and bone china.

Summer Time Mug

Number 3:  A Yankee Candle in midnight jasmine.  I have placed this in my bedroom as it matches with the white furniture theme and seems a bedroom kind of scent.Yankee Candle

My final new home accessory was from my best friend from Chester, it is a Jewellery/trinket box from the Matthew Williamson Butterfly collection for Debenhams.  I love patterned boxes on my dressing table, they hide away all my bits and look beautiful at the same time!

Accessorises Box

Thank you all for my lovely gifts! They make my home feel even more me!

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