Winter crafting

The change in season combined with nights that are drawing in sees the return of two peaceful and calming crafts from the Harada repertoire. 

The first is Origami. In my teenage years it was all about the simple crane or the flapping bird, but since then due to the birth of the Internet and its plethora of origami patterns, I’ve now moved onto flowers. So far I’ve attempted 3 different types; lily,  kusudama butterfly and kusudama morning dew. The original plan was to glue them onto twigs and display them in a vase the fireplace.  However, the plan was soon dashed as one of my house owning rules is too always have cut fresh flowers in the house and I was concerned it would start to look a bit floristy. Instead they are displayed in a glass cafetière beaker in the centre of the dining table. I like the pastel colour against the high gloss white.

The second is knitting which feels very much a winter nesting kind of craft, perfect for a Sunday evening when watching a bit of Downton. Nearly five years ago I started to make a blanket for our brown leather sofa, but I’ve never managed to finish it. Hopefully this will be the year! It is composed of 10 strips each containing 10 squares which alternate between, little squares, little posts and garter stitch.  The whole thing is in racing green wool on a 4 mm needle. I’ve nearly completed my 7th strip but then I’ve got the joyous task of stitching them together and forming a border, which to me sounds the worst bit. 

 Flower_construction.JPG           Origami_in_beaker.JPGTulips.JPG

 My_favourite_flowers.JPG              The_knitting_so_far.JPG



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