The house and Harada gets an iPad

Disclosure: This article is in no way a technical review of the iPad Air 2 or a comparison against previous models….I’m not that way inclined.

To be honest I’ve wanted one for a while but couldn’t in my mind rationalise the expense, especially when the house still has no curtains. However, in summer I received a bonus from work and straight away decided to blow some of it on an iPad. For once I wanted to be Apple up to date so I did wait for the release of the air 2.

So how has it revolutionised my life? Well……

  • This blog update and the previous have been written whilst commuting to London using the blogpad pro app. It’s far better than wordpresses’ blog app, where you have to write in html for it to format to do formatting, far too much effort to figure out and this one is just like word. The only downside is to save you need connection to the Internet and I’ve gone for a wifi only pad. Though that isn’t too much drama with free wifi scattered about. Hopefully it will make me blog more often 🙂
  • I am up to date with home and away. I have the channel 5 app so can watch catch up when cooking my dinner. It has been an emotional couple of weeks in the bay. Casey was shot and died in his brother brax’s very muscular arms. I have to say a few tears were shed. 
  • I’ve done more cleaning. It gets taken with me to whatever room I’m in and something on catch up is found to watch. This in turn has broaden my tv viewings as people never seem impressed when I say all I watch is home and away, apparently it’s unintelligent…. I did watch an excellent imagine documentary on the lost paintings of Jewish families which had been banned during Hitlers regimen, it covered the stories behind them.  The most touchy part was where a man who as a small boy had stared for hours at his families’ painting of two men riding horses on the beach. He had since gone blinded but someone had made a sort of braile version where the horses were made from a wood so that he could feel the painting he so fondly remembered. In a completely different genre I have also started to watch the program about libertys. I didn’t know they have days where you can take in stuff you make or your business idea with the potential to sell your wares in Liberty if they are good enough. 
  • Ive started project planning for the house and Christmas. I’ve downloaded Roomle, it allows you to draw the layout of your house, decorate it and view in 3D. I think I could get quite addicted measuring my rooms and making it an exact replica. 
All in all I quite simply love it. 

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  1. Arthur says:

    Interesting blog though it concludes with an ill-defined semantic inference. Namely, ” All in all I quite simply love it all.” What precisely is the “it” that enjoys her affections.
    I wish i could afford to buy an i-pad but I am a senior citizen eeking out a living day by day and trying to save enough money to have either my 20 year old shoes with new soles and heels or purchase a pair of secondhand underpants from the British Red Cross charity shop which I can wear over the Christmas period.
    Purported father of Isobel

    1. isobelharada says:

      With such stories I’ve had to get the world’s smallest violin out. I might feel sorry for you if, I didn’t know that you have F ‘n’ C from the take away at least once a week and that your tv license is now paid for by hard working tax payers like me.

      Love the most wonderful and clearly loving daughter a purported Father could wish for.

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