2014: A reflection

Another year has been completed and from reading my Facebook feed today it seems the time for public life reflection.

In January 2010 I thought the forthcoming year with a new house and job would be my best but it turned out to be my worst and a year I wouldn’t wish to repeat. This is totally the opposite of how I feel about 2014.  It has been my absolute best.  I think this can be mainly attributed to the home owning.  I used to think that house purchasing would be something to do with a boyfriend/husband. However, I now relish in the pride that I did it on my own.   The other day I was asked by a work colleague if it was the ability to personalise my home that made me love home owning. I guess that’s what drove me to do it but now the thing I love is the motivation it has given me to work hard and push myself.  I really believe that the best in me is yet to come.

This year I’ve learnt that I can rely on myself and my inner strength.  There is bound to be morose days when things don’t go how you want or you just feel a bit sad but generally I’m happy with my lot in life and life dramas don’t knock me down for as long anymore.  My self confidence has also grown a little bit, on a recent course I had to talk to a stranger for 5 minutes and then ask them what they noticed about me. Both randoms I spoke with said the same thing; you smile a lot when you talk which in turn makes me smile. My boss and mentor and both agreed, so it must be true. And that to me makes me happy as it’s probably one of the best compliments I’ve ever received. 

I have also realised what a great circle of friends I have. This year, some came to help me view houses, some to help me move and decorate and others were just there when I needed a chat, a vent or just a hug.  To them all, I’m very thankful and I hope that I’m as a good friend to them in return.

I’ll end with my 2015 resolutions:

  • To decorate at least one other room in the house
  • To not compare myself to others and be bogged down.  30 is not the age I need to do everything by.
  • To properly think about some further education

Happy New Year! 

One Comment Add yours

  1. Arthur Harada says:

    Excellent analysis of your wide scoping achievements to date.

    What’s this about further education? Anything to do with work or your hobbies/interests?

    HPN again and may all your heart’s present desires be satisfied.



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